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Below is a selection of articles written about Laurent Martinez who is also a contributor to IW Magazine (International Wrist Watch Magazine)

Omega Enthusiast
Omega Enthusiast - April 1st, 2023

We Speak Time with Laurent Martinez - Episode 6 ~ Founder of Laurent Fine Watches

In this episode of "we speak time," our guest is Laurent Martinez, a watch fanatic, author, dealer, and watch specialist; Website: www.laurentfinewatches.com
Laurent grew up in France and now resides in the US. His work and love for watches caught my attention, and I am honoured to have him as our guest on the channel. As a matter of fact, I have ordered his book and got him to sign it too! Please enjoy the video and learn more about Laurent.

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Serge Maillard January 2023

EUROPA STAR: Books: Timepieces: A Lifelong Love and Passion

At the head of his own website offering a curated selection of pre-owned watches, Frenchman Laurent Martinez is an avid watch collector who has lived in the United States for more than twenty years.
After a career in hospitality, finance and energy, five years ago he decided to turn his passion for watches into a full-time occupation. And passion is the key to his book, Timepieces: A Lifelong Love and Passion. Self-published in English, it combines a personal memoir with information and tips for would-be collectors.
We sat down with Laurent to find out more.

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Robert Marchant - June 26, 2022 | Updated: June 26, 2022 10:21 p.m.

GREENWICH TIME: A Greenwich man has loved watches since his childhood; now he finds the time to collect and write about them

GREENWICH — Laurent Martinez can remember the first watch he ever bought, a diving watch made in France, and the unadulterated joy it brought him as a youngster.
He still has the watch today, and his passion for wristwatches has never subsided.
Martinez, a Greenwich collector, dealer and appraiser of fine watches, has compiled decades of research on the topic of watches in a new book, “Timepieces: A Lifelong Love and Passion / An Insider’s Guide to Watches and Tips for Watch Collecting.”

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Jay Fielden - April 17, 2022 - Photos by Daniel Dorsa

HONDIKEE: Four + One He's A Dealer. And A Collector. And Now, An Author, Too

The problem with a lot of watch books is that they're not about reading so much as they are about, well, flipping. Laurent Martinez, who's as serious about books as he is about watches, thought about that and took a different approach.
A fifty-five-year-old French-born dealer of specimen watches and a consultant to the Wright Gallery's watch department, Martinez has just self-published his own book – Timepieces, A Lifelong Love and Passion; An Insider's Guide to Watches and Tips for Watch Collecting – and though it isn't intended to be a groundbreaking work of literature, it is, as an advice book about watch collecting, refreshingly personal and deep.

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International Wrist Watch Magazine
By Michael Thompson | iW International WristWatch Magazine

Horological Reading: “Timepieces: A Lifelong Love and Passion”

Recently I received a copy of “Timepieces: A Lifelong Love and Passion” by Connecticut-based watch appraiser and dealer Laurent Martinez. If you’ve been a long-time iW reader or regularly read our online offerings, you’re likely familiar with a least a few of the many feature stories about watch collecting Martinez has penned for our publications.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the just-published book, which is sub-titled “An Insider’s Guide to Watches and Tips for Watch Collecting.”


By Laurent Martinez (CT) - 2022

NAWCC WATCH & CLOCK BULLETIN: Tips on How to Start a Vintage Wristwatch Collection

Over the years, I have noticed a recurring pattern with collectors who are new to the vintage watch market. There seems to be a tendency to compulsively buy too many watches at once without clear motivation as to why. However, it appears that many new collectors who have taken this approach are ready to part with at least 50% of their new collection only a few months after building it. Perhaps they were attracted to a certain style or maybe they were allured by a sense of mystery that they may have discovered something special.

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By: Laurent Martinez | AboutTime - Issue #16

Collecting Vintage - Budget Minded Options

Many people believe that collecting vintage watches is an ultra-luxurious hobby. Yes, it’s true that vintage watches are currently going through a glamorous time with prestigious auction houses hosting high profile events littered with celebrity watches, rare timepieces, and never-before-seen unique models. It’s also true that watch media outlets focus on particular models like Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman” or vintage Heuer Autavia, thereby placing these particular vintage watches on unapproachable pedestals. That, coupled with the successful millennium-set clamoring to get their hands on a Rolex Submariner 5513, GMT-Master or a Patek Phillipe Nautilus, and it seems that only select brands are enjoying the limelight in the vintage market—and as a result, come with bloated price tags.

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International Wrist Watch Magazine
By: Laurent Martinez | iW international Watch - Summer 2018

Collecting from Contemporary to Vintage watches

A client of mine recently approached me as he was thinking about the possibility of collecting vintage watches. He already owns a beautiful collection of contemporary watches, mostly complicated timepieces from Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne. However, he felt it was time for him to enjoy another side of collecting watches by delving into vintage timepieces—a totally different world than what he was used to. As you can imagine, there’s a vast difference between going to a boutique to buy a new watch and buying a vintage watch from the secondary market.


Jules Varlot - French Morning | May 5, 2017

FRENCH MORNING: Du Pétrole aux Montres Vintage, Laurent Martinez a pris son temps

“C’était maintenant ou jamais“. Aux portes de la cinquantaine, Laurent Martinez a fait le grand saut. Depuis le mois de janvier, cet ancien chef d’entreprise dans le domaine des énergies a décidé de vivre de sa passion : les montres de collection. Une seconde vie, après une carrière épanouie dans d’autres domaines, bien loin du “tic tac” qu’il apprécie tant.

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By MrWatchMaster | April 24, 2017

Collector’s World: Laurent Martinez

We are delighted that due to the success of our Collector’s World series, we have extended our coverage across the globe. So it is with great pleasure that our next collector is Laurent Martinez from the United States of America. After an accomplished career in the energy industry, European native and a long-time resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, Laurent, is now following his passion for fine watches with the opening of ‘Laurent Fine Watches’ a highly curated selection of Vintage, Contemporary and Women’s luxury timepieces.

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Greenwich-Based Laurent Fine Watches Launches Website Dedicated to Vintage and Contemporary Timepieces

After an accomplished career in the energy industry, European native and long-time resident of Greenwich, Laurent Martinez, is following his passion for fine vintage watches.
After having spent over three decades studying and collecting historically important timepieces, Laurent has launched his company Laurent Fine Watches and accompanying website, laurentfinewatches.com
The move from hobby to business venture underlines his commitment to horology.

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